Content and aims

Under the lead of MEYER WERFT , the project Pa-X-ell is putting to the test high-temperature PEM fuel cells on passenger vessels. Basis are standardized units that are designed in a modular way. The units can be connected to larger power scale. The fuel cell systems are integrated into commercially available 19-inch racks. A 30 kW installation for demonstration purpose will be installed to demonstrate the production of electricity, heat and cold (socalled trigeneration) in a first phase of the project. This will serve as a basis to feed power into the ship’s grid from a 120 kW system in parallel to the conventional energy supply on a passenger vessel.

The installation will use an internal reformer and methanol in its initial setup. A centralized reformer for natural gas will be integrated into the fuel cell subsequently. Distributed power generation with several plants will be tested in a second phase.

Projekt Paxell

Pict. above: Concept of decentralized energygrid based on fuel cell systems for hotel supply and conventional
combustion engines for propulsion systems

Pict. below: Fuel cell module open and completed with drawer box, fuel cell rack with 16 fuel cells modules