Content and aims

The project SchIBZ is realized by a consortium that is lead by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. In the core it sees the development of a scalable, integrated hybrid fuel cell system for seagoing ships, having a power capacity of 50 to 500 kW.

The plant is intended to serve as prime energy source for the supply with electricity on seagoing vessels of all kind. The fuel is low sulfur diesel, as it is used for road traffic. To adapt the system to natural gas is a mid-term goal.

The installation is a hybrid system with an electrical efficiency of about 50 %, using a high performance Lithium-Ion battery to buffer the dynamics of the fuel cell and the ship’s grid. A 100 kW plant will be built as a container solution and tested in real operating conditions in the supply of the board network at sea.

Proekt SchIBZ

Pict. above:  CAD representation of the experimental setup with a hybridized 100 kW SOFC system on board of MS Forester

Pict. below: Recently developed 25 kW SOFC basic module after the first test with more than 1000 h.